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From the latest lingerie trends, such as our party season lingerie to exclusive previews and swimwear must-haves, get the scoop right here with Elomi. Want more? Why not uncover our social campaigns, featuring an array of aspirational body postive women! 

"Sometimes in order to live limitless you just gotta live"

Ty Alexander @gorgeousingrey

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Hot Right Now!

From plus-size bridal lingerie to your holiday essentials, uncover the latest news and trends for the season ahead! 

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Elomi's AW23 Styles

Discover Elomi's new must-have AW23 lingerie and swimwear collections.

Elomi's Holiday Essential Elomi-UK-Editorial-LandingPage-4BoxMontageComponent-Box2

Elomi's Holiday Essential

Discover your top 6 holiday lingerie and swimwear must-haves from Elomi and take on the sun in style.

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Choosing Bridal Lingerie

Find the perfect wedding day lingerie for the fuller figure bride with Elomi’s plus size bridal lingerie guide.

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Lingerie Trends

Express your style and embrace this season's most-loved trends.