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Discover Elomi's latest lingerie trends! From gorgeous embroidery and lace detailing to bold dynamic prints. Designed for all-day support and complete confidence for any occasion. 

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Bold Animal Prints

A much-loved fashion trend by our Elomi ladies this season, uncover Elomi's bold and beautiful animal print designs and express your true style with our statement making lingerie.

Showcasing a subtle yet playful black leopard spot design, feel paw-some in Elomi's Namrah in Jet. The perfect collection to start your day filled with confidence!

Luxury Details

Look and feel effortlessly beautiful with Elomi's luxurious designs, expertly crafted to provide you with that all day support and comfort you deserve!

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Feel gorgeous in Wild Cherry

Uncover our most-loved Matilda collection, featuring its signature top cup embroidery in 15 unique colours. For super sweet styling opt for our new hyper-pink Wild Cherry hue, decorated with a mixture of beautifully embroidered beads, flowers and cherries.

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Charley in Petrol: It's magic!

Add a touch of magic to your bra-drobe with Elomi's Charley collection! Inspired by the Northern Lights across an Arctic midnight sky, our Charley in Petrol showcases enchanting soft metallic embroidery along the top of the cups and offers an impeccable forward shape and uplift.

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Comfort With Style

Having comfortable, yet stylish lingerie should be a staple in everyone's wardrobe! Uncover Elomi's array of lingerie collections designed to provide our signature support and comfort for all-day confidence!

For undeniable comfort in an on-trend athleisure look, discover our new Downtime collection. Featuring a non-wired Bralette designed to help push the bust forward and reduce bulging from the side, all in a super soft breathable fabric.

Elomi's Classic Collections

Elomi's bestselling classic designs will never go out of fashion and are perfect additions to your own lingerie collection. For chic underwear sets that are always on trend and feel as good as they look, discover Elomi's Morgan, Matilda and Cate collections. Available in an array of beautiful designs and colourways, for wherever the moment takes you.

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Morgan in Black

Elomi-UK-Editorial-LingerieTrends-MatildaPearlBlush-3Box-MB.jpg Elomi-UK-Editorial-LingerieTrends-3boxtextunder-Matilda-component1

Matilda in Pearl Blush

Elomi-UK-LingerieTrends-3box-Cate-MB.jpg Elomi-UK-Editorial-LingerieTrends-3boxtextunder-cate-component

Cate in Latte

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Latest Lingerie

Uncover our selection of beautifully crafted lingerie styles

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