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Lingerie has the power to make you feel a certain way, change your mood and transform your outfit. That's why we love it!  Therefore we’ve created a list of Elomi lingerie must-haves, helping you build the perfect foundation for any event.

1. Beautiful Basics

Elomi-UK-Editorial-WardrobeEssentials-BackToWork-Black-2BoxTextRight-MB.jpg Elomi-UK-Editorial-WardrobeEssentials-Charley-AW23-23-BoxTextRight-Essentials-Component

Our Moulded T-shirt Bras are a perfect and versatile addition to your bra-drobe! With no seams or lace showing through it gives you a smooth and rounded shape underneath your clothing. Not to forget, it offers extra support and lift all day, every day, helping you achieve a flawless and comfortable finish.

Elomi-UK-Editorial-WardrobeEssentials-BackToWork-2BoxTextRight-MB.jpg Elomi-UK-Editorial-WardrobeEssentials-Strapless-AW23-23-BoxTextRight-Essentials-Component

Adore the sleek and simple styling of the Elomi strapless bra, perfect for that must-have flawless finish whatever the occasion. Designed to flatter your curves and provide that all important secure fit for both plus size figures and fuller busts, so get ready to impress.

2. A Plunge Bra For All Occasions

Plunge Bras are the perfect all round addition to your lingerie collection. A great option if you’re wearing a low cut top or dress with a deep V-neckline. Designed to flatter your curves and enhance your bust with a natural lift, all our Elomi Plunge Bras provide comfort and support in an array of on-trend and essential designs.

Elomi-UK-Editorial-Carrie-Wardrobe-3Box-MB.jpg Elomi-Uk-Editorial-WardrobeEssentials-Carrie-23-3Box-Component
Elomi-UK-Editorial-Namrah-Wardrobe-3Box-MB.jpg Elomi-Uk-Editorial-WardrobeEssentials-Namrah-23-3Box-Component
Elomi-UK-Editorial-WardrobeEssentials-3Box-CharleySalsa-MB.jpg Elomi-Uk-Editorial-WardrobeEssentials-Charley-23-3Box-Component
Elomi-UK-Editorial-SportsBra-NoBorder-AW23-Wardrobe-BoxTextRight-MB.jpg Elomi-UK-Editorial-WardrobeEssentials-23-BoxTextRight-SportsBra-Component

4. Sports Wear Must-Haves

Offering complete comfort and support Elomi’s collection of Energise Sports Bras are especially designed for plus-size figures and high-impact activities in mind. So you can run, jump and dance with confidence and without having to worry about your bust. 

Elomi-UK-Editorial-Kendra-WardrobeEssentials-2023-2BoxTeaser-MB.jpg Elomi-UK-Editorial-ElomiWardrobeEssentials-2023-TwoBoxComponent-LatestLingerie

Latest Lingerie

Explore our whole range of lingerie styles.

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