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Book Your Virtual Bra Fitting Appointment With Elomi Elomi-UK-Advice-Landing-VirtualFitting-2BoxMontage

Book Your Virtual Bra Fitting Appointment With Elomi

Get The Perfect Fit With Elomi Elomi-UK-Advice-MontageComponent-TwoBox-GetThePerfectElomiFit

Get The Perfect Fit With Elomi

Discover the right fit with our guide.

International Size Guide Elomi-UK-Advice-MontageContainer-ThreeBoxRow-SizeGuide2

International Size Guide

Uncover our handy size conversion.

Elomi Bra Style Breakdown Elomi-UK-Advice-MontageContainer-ThreeBoxRow-ElomiBraBreakdown2

Elomi Bra Style Breakdown

Our bra shapes, explained. 

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How to Wear Elomi Swim

Personalise your poolside style. 

Answers to the perfect fit

  • Q1: How do I find my Elomi bra size? down-arrow
    Finding the right bra size depends on many factors and it is no surprise that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size. Elomi recommends having a bra fitting every 6 months to ensure you have the most comfortable fit and support as our bodies constantly change. Alternatively check out our bra fitting video and size guide for extra help. Elomi lingerie and swimwear uses UK sizing, so for Elomi sizes outside the UK, please refer to the international size chart.
  • Q2: Is Elomi lingerie the same fit as swimwear? down-arrow
    Elomi swimwear uses UK cup and band sizing and is designed to fit just like lingerie so you can get the same undeniable support you know you can rely on. Discover how to wear Elomi swimwear and our size guide for the perfect fit.
  • Q3: What size does Elomi lingerie and swimwear go up to? down-arrow
    Our lingerie sizes range from a UK band size 32 to 48, and cup size D – K. For lingerie brief sizes we start from a S – 4XL. Our swimwear sizes range from a UK band size 34 - 44, however with Tankinis, Swimsuits and Swim briefs we start from a 14 – 26. For more information and Elomi sizes outside the UK, check out our UK and international size chart.
  • Q4: Where can I get a fitting for Elomi lingerie? down-arrow
    You can book a bra fitting from the comfort of your own home via a one-to-one virtual bra fitting appointment. Or if you want an in person consultation, you’ll be able to find an Elomi fitting expert at major department stores or independent boutiques which stock Elomi lingerie and swimwear. Search for your nearest store here.
  • Q5: Where can I find more information on finding my perfect fit? down-arrow
    We understand sometimes you need someone there to help, which is why our friendly customer services team are always on hand. Contact us by emailing customerservice@elomi.com

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