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How Should a Bra Fit?

Elomi knows how important it is to find a perfectly fitting bra that supports, flatters and provides you with complete confidence to take on your day. It all starts with finding the correct size, so our fit specialists have created an easy-to-follow fitting video and a 5 step guide to help you discover your own perfect fit.

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Bra Fitting Video

Follow our expert advice to get the perfect fit

How to know if a bra fits

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Step 1 - Check the Centre Front

The centre front refers to the point of the bra where the two cups join. This should sit flat and firmly against the chest bone, ensuring it is not digging in or making you feel uncomfortable.

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Step 2 - Check the Underband

The underband should sit firmly and level with the underwire, if the underband is riding up at the back it means the back size is too big. You should be able to fit two fingers under the band, but not able to pull it more than two inches away from the body. If the underband is digging in, try loosening the band or going up a back size.

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Step 3 - Check the Cups

The cups of the bra should fully enclose your bust, ensuring no overspill or gaping at the top or the sides of the cups. If the bust spills over, you will need to go up a cup size, or if the bust is fully enclosed but there is loose fabric, you will need to go down a cup size. 

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Step 4 - Check the Straps

The straps should sit comfortably and firmly on your shoulders, ensuring it is adjusted enough to support the cup. If more than two fingers are able to fit under the straps, this is an indication that it is too loose. If the straps are digging in or leaving a mark, you will need to loosen the straps.

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Step 5 - Check the Underwire

The wires should sit comfortably under the bust and flat against the chest. If the underwire sits away from the chest or digs in at the sides, this means the cups are too small and you’ll need to go up a cup size.

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Size Guide

Check your size with our handy UK and international conversion table.

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Customer Service

Our customer services team are on hand for all your fit questions.

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