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Find the perfect lingerie gift with the help of our handy buying guide. When it comes to buying lingerie, finding the perfect size and fit is everything. Try and subtly find out their size by checking the label in their favourite bra - the sizing can look confusing, but all you will need is a number and letter. The number indicates the band size (Elomi goes from a 32-48), while the letter refers to the cup size (we cater we cater for up to KK cup). Take a look at our size guide for more help.

Fashion choices are a great way to express who you are and feel confident in taking on your day-to-day tasks. Discover what their favourite piece is and find an array of inspiration from our latest collections. Uncover Elomi's most-loved collections, such as Matilda and Morgan, designed to give you that all important support whilst helping you unleash your inner beauty effortlessly. If you need some advice on shapes and sizes check out our bra style guide for more information.

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Plunge Bras

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Banded Bras

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Full Cup

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Complete the look of your gift with a matching Brief or Thong. If you are after something for those more special occasions discover Elomi's Babydoll, exuding both sophistication and glamour!

Don't worry if your lingerie gift doesn't quite go to plan, as we offer free and easy returns up to 90 days for all unworn orders.

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Latest Lingerie

Uncover our selection of beautifully crafted lingerie styles.

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Plus Size Valentine's Gift Guide

Explore our handpicked Valentine's Day collections we know you'll fall in love with!