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Choose Your Challenge & Take Part

Challenge 1 Make Time For Those Who Inpsire You Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Component1

Upload a photo of the person that inspires you and tell us how and why they inspire you.

Challenge 2 Go On A Digital Detox Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Component2

Upload a photo of yourself after a digital detox and tell us how you spent your time.

Challenge 3 Stop Procrastinating! Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Component3

Upload a before and after image of you completing your task - tell us how you felt.

Challenge 4 Get Moving! Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Component4

Upload a photo/ boomerang of yourself moving and tell us how it made you feel.

Challenge 5 Join A Club Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row2-Component1

Take a selfie at your new club and tell us what it was like.

Challenge 6 Blast Your Motivational Anthem! Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row2-Component2

Upload a video of you singing your favourite song and tell us why that song.

Challenge 7 - Pay it forward Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row2-Component3

Upload a photo that tells us how you payed it forward and how it made you feel.

Challenge 8 Love Your Look Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row2-Component4

Take a photo of you wearing your favourite outfit and tell us how you feel.

Challenge 9 - Learn a new skill Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row3-Component-1

Take a photo of you engaging in a new skill and explain why you decided to do it.

Challenge 10 Stand Up For A Cause Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row3-Component-2

Upload a photo of you helping a cause and tell us why it’s important.

Challenge 11 Push Your Vacation Boundaries Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row3-Component-3

Upload a video explaining which vacation spot is on your wishlist next and why.

Challenge 12 Be Beach Confident Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row3-Component-4

Upload a photo in your favourite swim collection and tell us why you feel confident.

Challenge 13 Set Career Goals Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row4-Component1

Upload a list of your top career goals and tell us what it would mean to achieve them.

Challenge 14 Swipe Right Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row4-Component2

Upload a photo of you getting ready for a date and tell us how you feel.

Challenge 15 Say No To Workout Intimidation Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row4-Component3

Upload a video of you working out and tell us how it felt afterwards.

Challenge 16 Get Adventurous With Food Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row4-Component4

Try a new recipe and photograph the dish - tell us what you loved about it.

Challenge 17 New Night Out Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row5-Container1

Take a photo of you on your night out and tell us your favourite part of the night.

Challenge 18 Face A Fear Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row5-Container2

Upload a photo of you facing your fear and tell us what it is like to overcome this.

Challenge 19 No Makeup No Problem Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row5-Container3

Upload a photo of you fresh faced and tell us how empowered you feel.

Challenge 20 Hump Day Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row5-Container4

Upload a photo of your ‘Hump Day’ activity and tell us how your new activity felt.

Challenge 21 Go Solo Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row6-Container1

Upload a photo of yourself on a solo adventure and tell us how you felt about it.

Challenge 22 - Get yourself and Elomi bra fitting Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row6-Container2

Upload a photo of your bra fitting experience and tell us how you felt.

Challenge 23 - Pick up a good habit Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row6-Container3

Share a video of yourself picking up a new habit and tell us why you picked it.

Challenge 24 Create Your Own Top 9 Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row6-Container4

Upload a grid of your 9 top challenges and tell us how completing them felt.

Challenge 25 - Find an Elomi Lingerie set that fills you with confidence Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row7-Component1

Take a photo in your favourite Elomi collection and tell us how it makes you feel.

Challenge 26 Be True To Yourself Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row7-Component2

Upload a photo from an occasion where you stood up for yourself and tell us how you felt.

Challenge 27 Keep A Gratitude List Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row7-Component3

Upload a video/ photo where you tell us what you are grateful for and why.

Challenge 28 Be A Mentor Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row7-Component4

Upload a photo of you and your mentee and tell us what you taught them.

Challenge 29 Learn To Unwind Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row8-Component1

Upload a selfie of you taking part in your favourite wind down activity.

Challenge 30 I Did It All Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row8-Component2

Upload a boomerang sharing how it feels to have completed all of the challenges!

Are You Ready To Live Limitless? Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row8-Component3

Tag @ElomiLingerie in your Instagram story or as a post to your grid and tell us which challenge you’re completing!

Take part in Elomis Live Limitless Challenge Elomi-UK-Editorial-LiveLimitlessChallenge-BoxTextUnder-Row8-Component4
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