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Uncover Elomi’s plus-size Nursing Bra, the perfect bra for providing that much needed comfort and support for breastfeeding mothers.

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Molly Nursing Bra

Based on our bestselling Morgan Banded Bra, the Elomi Molly Nursing Bra features beautiful feminine designs, specifically to support you on your breastfeeding journey.

Our wired Nursing Bras provide the same underwired support you'd get from an everyday bra, but with the addition of softer flexi-wires to provide support that adapts to your shape. Plus, to help aid breastfeeding our Nursing Bras has a simple drop down feeding cup, featuring a plastic nursing clasp that can be easily fastened or released with one hand.

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Luxuriously soft for you…

The Molly Nursing Bra features a FERAN® ICE finish on the fabric, designed to improve the moisture wicking properties and keep you cool and dry all day long, it also ensures that stains are easily washed out.

Due to the moisture wicking effect of the fabric we would recommend using nursing pads as they are great for absorbing breast milk from leaking breasts and protect your clothing from being stained.

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When to switch to a Nursing Bra…

We advise that you go for a fitting around the 38th week of your pregnancy as this will be the most similar to your postpartum size.

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Bra Breakdown

Discover your perfect bra style from an array of different styles to suit everyone.

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