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Find your perfect bra style

Providing you with the perfect fit and support means everything to us at Elomi. Discover stunning lingerie specifically designed to complement the fuller figure, with an array of different styles to suit everyone. This guide gives the low-down on all our bra shapes so you can choose your style and get straight to looking and feeling fabulous.

Higher Coverage

Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-3BoxTextUnder-FullCup-CateBlack-MB.jpg Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-HigherCoverage-FullCup-3Box-TextUnder-Component

Full Cup Bra

For our highest coverage, opt for Elomi’s Full Cup Bra. Designed specifically to support a larger bust, our Full Cup frame features three piece cups and side support panels to create a flawless forward shape, uplift and support. 

Available in our Cate collection

Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-3BoxTextUnder-SoftCup-CateRosewood-MB.jpg Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-HigherCoverage-SoftCupBra-3Box-TextUnder-Component

Soft Cup Bra

If you’re looking for comfortable everyday styling and high coverage, Elomi’s non-wired Soft Cup Bra is perfect for you. Offering a similar shape to our Full Cup Frame, our Soft Cup Bra’s include the addition of a wide elastic underband instead of an underwire to ensure good anchorage and security. 

Available in our Cate collection

Energise in Nude Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-HigherCoverage-SportsBra-3Box-TextUnder-Component

Sports Bra

Elomi’s Sports Bra’s provide maximum coverage and high impact support for a larger bust. Showcasing our unique non-compression technology that encapsulates the bust and reduces movement, while creating an oh-so-flattering shape in an array of designs and prints. 

Available in our Energise collection

Medium Coverage

Elomi-UK-Advice-BraBreakdown-3BoxTextUnder-SpacerBra-CharleyStorm-MB.jpg Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-MediumCoverage-SpacerBra-3BoxTextUnder-Component

Spacer Bra

For a lightweight alternative, opt for an Elomi Spacer Bra. Offering the same beautiful smooth rounded shape you get from a Moulded Bra but crafted in a unique breathable fabric. Discover fabulous shaping without comprising on support or comfort. 

Available in our Charley Collection.

Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-3BoxTextUnder-MouldedBra-BijouSahara-MB.jpg Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-MediumCoverage-MouldedBras-3BoxTextUnder-Component

Moulded Bra

Showcasing seamless cups for a beautifully smooth rounded shape, uncover Elomi’s Moulded Bras. The go-to style for every occasion, offering a flawless finish underneath clothing and medium coverage. Providing all-day support and comfort. 

Available in our Charley, Bijou and Smooth collections

Downtime in Grey Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-MediumCoverage-Bralettes-3BoxTextUnder-Component


With wired and non-wired styling on offer, Elomi’s Bralettes are designed to make you look and feel amazing, whether its lounging around the house on a cosy Sunday afternoon or rocking that worn-to-be-seen look, Elomi's got you covered.

Available in our Charley and Downtime Collections

Lowest Coverage

Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-3BoxTextUnder-PlungeBra-MatildaPearlBlush-MB.jpg Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-LowestCoverage-PlungeBras-3Box-TextUnder-Component

Plunge Bra

Offering the lowest level of coverage across our lingerie collections, Elomi’s Plunge frame features a low centre front for a stylish plunging neckline, without compromising on our signature support. Plus, uncover our bestselling Matilda frame, which has inspired so many of our Elomi collections. 

Available in our Matilda, Kintai, Brianna, Charley, Priya, Sachi, Lucie, Kim collections. 

Elomi-UK-Advice-BraBreakdown-3BoxTextUnder-StraplessBra-SmoothBlack-MB.jpg Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-LowestCoverage-StraplessBras-3Box-TextUnder-Component

Strapless Bra

Whether you’re out for a special occasion or need support underneath your off-the-shoulder shirt, our Strapless Bra features detachable multiway straps for a versatile look. The moulded cups help create a smooth rounded silhouette, while the silicone coating prevents the bra from slipping, for complete comfort and security wherever the moment takes you! 

Available in our Smooth collection

Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-3BoxTextUnder-BandedBra-MorganToastedAlmond-MB.jpg Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-LowestCoverage-StretchBandedBras-3Box-TextUnder-Component

Stretch Banded Bra

Trusted for its all-day support and comfort, uncover our most-loved Banded Bra. Inspired by the Full Cup frame, but with the addition of a low centre front. Plus, it features lightweight yet powerful stretch lace top cup for ease of fit and a beautifully rounded shape. 

Available in our Morgan, Kintai, Molly collections

Elomi-UK-BraBreakdown-MatildBlack-MB.jpg Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-PerfectBra-BoxTextRight-Component

Get The Perfect Fit

Elomi knows how important it is to find a perfectly fitting bra that supports, flatters and provides you with complete confidence to take on your day. Uncover easy-to-follow fitting video and a 5 step guide to help you discover your own perfect fit.

Elomi-UK-Advice-BraBreakdown-CateWillow-2Box-MB.jpg Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-TwoBoxComponent-LingerieArrivals-Morgan-Teaser

New Arrivals

Uncover our selection of beautifully crafted lingerie styles.

Elomi-UK-Advice-BraBreakdown-NamrahJet-2Box-MB.jpg Elomi-ROW-Advice-BraBreakdown-TwoBoxComponent-LiveLimitless-Fierce-Teaser

Live Limitless

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