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Meet Your Match

Meet your match with Cate, our most-loved collection which is now available in seven essential shades. Choose from a choice of Black, Pecan, Raisin, Hazel, Latte, Rosewood or White. Cate is loved for its forward shape, uplift, comfort and separation and is a great style for everyday.

Cate in Rosewood

Cate in White Elomi-ROW-Editorial-ThreeBoxTextUnderComponent-MeetYourMatchCate-White

Cate in White

Cate in Latte Elomi-ROW-Editorial-ThreeBoxTextUnderComponent-MeetYourMatchCate-Latte

Cate in Latte

Cate in Hazel Elomi-ROW-Editorial-ThreeBoxTextUnderComponent-MeetYourMatchCate-Hazel

Cate in Hazel

Cate in Raisin Elomi-ROW-Editorial-ThreeBoxTextUnderComponent-MeetYourMatchCate-Raisin

Cate in Raisin

Cate in Pecan Elomi-ROW-Editorial-ThreeBoxTextUnderComponent-MeetYourMatchCate-Pecan

Cate in Pecan

Cate in Black Elomi-ROW-Editorial-ThreeBoxTextUnderComponent-MeetYourMatchCate-Black

Cate in Black

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