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Cate in Black Elomi-ROW-Editorial-MeetYourMatch-BoxTextRight

Meet Your Match

Meet your match with Cate, our most-loved lingerie collection, renowned for its forward shape, uplift, comfort and separation. Discover Cate in our bestselling Black colourway, along with six other essential shades to perfectly suit you.

Cate in White Elomi-ROW-Editorial-ThreeBoxTextUnderComponent-MeetYourMatchCate-White

Cate in White

Cate in Latte Elomi-ROW-Editorial-ThreeBoxTextUnderComponent-MeetYourMatchCate-Latte

Cate in Latte

Cate in Hazel Elomi-ROW-Editorial-ThreeBoxTextUnderComponent-MeetYourMatchCate-Hazel

Cate in Hazel

Cate in Rosewood Elomi-ROW-Editorial-ThreeBoxTextUnderComponent-MeetYourMatchCate-Black

Cate in Rosewood

Can't get enough? Elomi-ROW-Editorial-TwoBoxComponent-MeetYourMatchCate-LatestLingerie

Can't get enough?

We've got more. Explore our array of supportive lingerie styles.

Elomi's Bra Breakdown Elomi-ROW-Editorial-TwoBoxComponent-MeetYourMatchCate-NewSeasonPreview

Elomi's Bra Breakdown

Explore our array of bra shapes amd find your perfect fit.