Breast Care


Trust Elomi to help you take care of your most cherished assets.

Time isn’t always on a woman’s side, and the size and shape of your breasts can alter over any given period. Get re-fitted regularly to ensure you’re always donning the right lingerie.

No one likes mentioning weight, but if your body shape changes, your bra size may be likely to fluctuate too. Even if your weight remains the same your proportions may vary due to a new gym routine.

During your monthly cycle you may be partial to gaining a whole cup size. We would highly recommend keeping a bigger bra tucked away for those slightly tender days.

Being with baby means your breasts can start to swell within the first few weeks. And then again when you’re breastfeeding. In times like these a soft cup bra is best to help ease the fluctuations (take a look at our Kristie range). Alternatively, keep a variety of different sized bras to hand.

As you get older, or stop breastfeeding, your skin can lose its muscle tone or elasticity. A new style of bra – for example a half-cup bra* – will enhance the areas of your bust where tone has been lost.

Believe it or not, HRT or the pill can have an impact on the size of your breasts. If you do experience any changes, update your lingerie accordingly.

Even if you’re comfortable with your size and feel your shape hasn’t changed, do go for a fitting every 6 months or so. You’d be surprised.