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The Conversation Continues

Elomi’s conversational series 'Voices' has returned for its second season! Voices was originally established in August 2020, during the global pandemic, as a method of bringing our community together and encourage conversations on topical subjects by sharing inspiring voices from some of our community members.

Voices Series 2, brings together an array of inspirational women for a series of exciting episodes, hosted by the fabulous Caralyn Mirand Koch. Each episode covers a different topic, including body liberation and learning to love your whole self, mental health and wellbeing, careers and achieving success, the power of exercise and fitness, plus fashion, styling and fit advice.

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Our Host

Caralyn Mirand Koch - @caralynmirand

Caralyn Mirand Koch is a content creator and curve model who shares her authentic experiences to inspire others to be their most confident self. Her career as a plus-size model began over ten years ago when she was runner up on Tyra Banks’ “Fiercely Real Teen Model Search” and when it became more important to have an online following, Caralyn decided to take control of her account and figure out what she wanted to be known for online. It started small, sharing tips and tricks learned as a model, and from there, she was able to grow her audience and business.

Caralyn’s passion is helping women from all walks of life feel good in their own skin. She loves sharing topics that are not discussed regularly such as bras, undergarments, etc., and creates an open dialogue to help women feel beautiful and confident.

Our Guests

Elomi Voices - Hayley Hasselhoff Elomi-ROW-Editorial-Voices-Hayley-ThreeBoxTextUnderComponent-1


Hayley Hasselhoff

Hayley is a leading curve model, actress, body positivity activist and Contributing Fashion and Wellness Editor at Marie Claire UK.

Hayley will appear in Episode 1.

Elomi Voices - Leah Vernon Elomi-ROW-Editorial-Voices-ThreeBoxTextUnderComponent-Leah


Leah V

Leah is an inclusive content creator, educator, author and plus size Hijabi model.

Leah will be one of the guests in Episode 2.

Elomi Voices - Simone Charles Elomi-ROW-Editorial-Voices-ThreeBoxTextUnderComponent-Simone


Simone Charles

Simone is a body positive influencer, model and fitness advocate.

Simone will also appear in Episode 2.

Elomi Voices- Katie Sturino Elomi-ROW-Editorial-Voices-BoxTextUnderContainer-Katie


Katie Sturino

Katie is an entrepreneur, digital influencer, body acceptance advocate and Founder of Megababe.

Katie will partake in Episode 3.

Elomi Voices - Denise Bidot Elomi-ROW-Editorial-Voices-BoxTextUnderContainer-Denise


Denise Bidot

Denise is a plus size fashion model, television personality, body positivity advocate and mother.

Denise will also appear in Episode 3.

Elomi Voices - Callie Thorpe Elomi-ROW-Editorial-Voices-BoxTextUnderContainer-Callie


Callie Thorpe

Callie is a lifestyle and fashion influencer and co-creator of The Confidence Corner.

Callie will take part in Episode 4.

Elomi Voices - Jada Sezer Elomi-ROW-Editorial-Voices-BoxTextUnderComponent-Jada


Jada Sezer

Jada's an influencer, model, mental health activist, UN Women Ambassador and newly qualified yoga teacher.

Jada will appear in Episode 4.

Elomi Voices - Lauren Chan Elomi-ROW-Editorial-Voices-BoxTextUnderComponent-LaurenC


Lauren Chan

Lauren is the CEO and Founder of Henning as well as a plus size model and Fashion Editor.

Lauren will take part in Episode 5.

Elomi Voices - Lauren Nicole Elomi-ROW-Editorial-Voices-BoxTextUnderComponent-LaurenN


Lauren Nicole

Lauren is a plus size model, content creator, CEO of Fashion Killer and Contributing Curve Editor at UK Cosmopolitan.

Lauren will also partake in Episode 5.



Learning to become the best version of yourself takes time, and that is what this episode celebrates.
Gain invaluable advice about confidence, and hear our panelists’ stories about self-love and self-acceptance.


Work it out. In this episode, our panelists, who all have a passion for exercise, share their personal journeys and experiences of fitness as fuller figured women.
They’ll advise on how they got started, the benefits of being active and what exercises they enjoy, as well as talk about women that inspire them to keep moving.


Calling all Girl Bosses! This episode promises to offer valuable insight into success, moving forward in your career and overcoming obstacles.
Our three incredible panelists open up and share stories of their experiences in the working world and how they got to where they are today.


Now more than ever, taking care of your mental health and well-being is crucial! For this episode, two mental health advocates join our host
to discuss mental health in depth - touching on personal experiences, methods we can use to look after ourselves, self-care and finding support.


The rule is there are no rules! This episode delves into styling for your curves and fuller figure fashion as a whole. Our panelists, who are plus size fashion experts,
will talk about all your fashion dilemmas, clothes that will make you feel confident, the importance of the right underwear, as well as style do’s and don’ts.

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Lingerie Arrivals

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Live Limitless

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