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Why you love Matilda

Matilda is your favourite collection, favoured for its forward shape, uplift and separation without sacrificing on style. Featuring a signature beaded effect embroidery while offering a daring plunging shape – perfect for low cut necklines. Shop our Matilda collection, now available in an array of beautiful colours.

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Matilda in Black Star

A twist on the much-loved Black colourway, Elomi's Matilda in Black Star takes a beautifully simple hue and elevates it with gorgeous star shaped embroidery, complete with metallic accents, whilst always offering the forever flattering Matilda shape.

Meet Your Match With Cate Elomi-ROW-Editroial-MatildaStoryBlackStar-3BoxVariable-Teasers-Cate

Meet Your Match With Cate

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Latest Lingerie

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Live Limitless