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Why you love Matilda

Matilda is your favourite collection, favoured for its forward shape, uplift and separation without sacrificing on style. Featuring a signature beaded effect embroidery while offering a daring plunging shape – perfect for low cut necklines.

Shop our Matilda collection now and discover our array of unique colours … including our brand new Daisy hue featuring daisy chain embroidery along the top cups for a fresh spring look

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Matilda Plunge Bra Guide

The Matilda Family

Discover the Elomi collections that are based on our bestselling Matilda Plunge Bra, offering that signature support, lift and shape you know and love. Choose Matilda in a host of striking colourways, or add Sachi, Charley or Brianna to your bra-drobe.

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Charley in Honeysuckle Elomi-ROW-Editroial-MatildaStory-3BoxTextUnder-Charley1


Brianna in Black Elomi-ROW-Editroial-MatildaStory-3BoxTextUnder-Brianna1


Samira in Black Elomi-ROW-Editroial-MatildaStory-3BoxTextUnder-Samira


Sachi in Black Elomi-ROW-Editroial-MatildaStory-3BoxTextUnder-Sachi


Priya in Haute Red Elomi-ROW-Editroial-MatildaStory-3BoxTextUnder-Priya


Latest Lingerie Elomi-ROW-Editroial-MatildaStory-2BoxVariable-Lingerie

Latest Lingerie

Explore our array of supportive lingerie styles

Meet Your Match With Cate Elomi-ROW-Editroial-MatildaStory-2BoxVariable-Cate

Meet Your Match With Cate

Meet our much loved Cate collection - now available in seven colours!