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No Boundaries is our new campaign which has been created to inspire and remind you that you can take on anything life throws at you.

Over the next few months we’ll be sharing the unique and inspiring stories from 10 extraordinary women from our Elomi community including Grace Victory, Erica Lauren and Katie Sturino. These women will be speaking about topics that are incredibly important to them, sharing how they have been brave, bold and fearless and the things they’ve done to overcome these challenges, navigating around anything that has got in their way.

Featured Influencers

Erica Lauren Elomi-ROW-Editorial-NoBoundaries-BoxTextUnder-4Box-Influencer1

Erica Lauren


Leah V Elomi-ROW-Editorial-NoBoundaries-BoxTextUnder-4Box-Influencer2

Leah V


Katie Sturino Elomi-ROW-Editorial-NoBoundaries-BoxTextUnder-4Box-Influencer3

Katie Sturino


Audrey Littie Elomi-ROW-Editorial-NoBoundaries-BoxTextUnder-4Box-Influencer4

Audrey Littie


Elomi's Brianna Collection

Break Boundaries with Elomi’s Brianna collection! Based on the much-loved Matilda Plunge Bra, Brianna showcases a beautiful luxurious lace overlay, signature strap detailing, and is the perfect bra to amplify any outfit and help you express your true style.  Shop Brianna in our classic White or Black hue, or discover our new spicy Cayenne colourway.  

Plus mix and match with our Bijou collection so you’re ready to take on the day no matter the occasion.

Brianna in Cayenne Elomi-ROW-Editorial-NoBoundaries-VariableTile-2Box-Collection-Consumer


Elomi No Boundaries Elomi-ROW-Editorial-NoBoundaries-VariableTile-2Box-Collection-Text
Latest Lingerie Elomi-ROW-Editorial-NoBoundaries-VariableTile-2Box-Teasers-LatestLingerie

Latest Lingerie

Uncover our selection of beautifully crafted lingerie styles.

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Live Limitless

Stay up to date on the latest trends, news and coverage, all in one place.