Elomi Live Limitless Challenge

Do you live your life without limits? How many of us are currently living our lives in our comfort zone? A place of security and comfort, but this is somewhere that holds us from seizing opportunities for growth and development.

We are on a mission to help inspire and empower women to live their lives without limits, with the launch of their Live Limitless Challenge. A collection of 30 challenges to push you further, encourage you to try new things and help you to live without limits.

Helping women live limitless starts with the perfect fit. The Live Limitless Challenge is about taking the confidence, comfort and boldness that comes from a great fitting Elomi collection. These qualities can be applied to the rest of our lives; providing women with the products, inspiration, encouragements and community to practice and perfect living life without limits.

We have partnered with Dr Denise McDermott M.D. to create the 30 challenges. 

Dr Denise McDermott specialises in empowerment and living your best life. She encourages people to believe in wellness and a healthy balanced lifestyle. Her skills and expertise have been used to create the Live Limitless Challenges based around: awareness, self-love and building confidence

The aim is to help you grow, build confidence and find comfort outside your comfort zone.

The Challenge will be hosted on the Live Limitless hub on www.elomilingerie.com where you can sign up and begin taking part. It is then up to you to complete the challenges however and whenever you want to.

That is the beauty of living limitless - you make the rules.

We will be collaborating with various social influencers for the Live Limitless Challenges including Alexa La Rosa, Georgina Horne and Ty Alexandra.

We encourage those taking part in the challenge to share their journey on social media and inspire others, including us! We will be awarding badges for: frequency of posting, inspirational posts and quality of posts. Some will even have the opportunity to win an Elomi collection.