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Most women probably haven’t been fitted for a bra since that first ever embarrassing trip to the lingerie department with your mum, which put you off ever going again. However, it is really important that you get fitted on a regular basis and there are trained fitting experts who can help you find your right size and style.

We have found that the most common problems are that the back size is too large; therefore not giving you the support required and the cup size is too small, which is when the overspill occurs.

Based on the facts above we need educating about our breasts. Who wants saggy boobs down to their knees, whatever your age? Even if you have smaller breasts it can still happen to you. You need support, whatever your size! And who wants double boobs; the result of spilling out of a bra that is too small? It just looks awful. You wouldn’t wear a pair of trousers or a top that you couldn’t fit into so why wear a bra that doesn’t fit! Just like you try on an item of clothing before you buy you should do the same with a bra as each one is different and your bust size can change regularly.

Our trained expert fitters can be found in major department stores and good independent boutiques. They can offer you a complete makeover simply by fitting you in the correct size bra.

“A good fitting bra should be comfortable, supportive and give you the best shape under clothes.” says Ruth Fox, Design Director.

A correctly fitting bra should sit firmly but comfortably around the body. The underwires should lie flat against the rib cage, and contain the whole breast. The breast should be contained within the cup with no puckering or bulging in the cup fabric.

Wearing the wrong size bra can in the first instance be very uncomfortable, but did you know it can also affect your posture, your confidence and ruin the look of your outerwear?

Karen Forbes, a fitting expert for Elomi, suggests a few things to check to see if you are wearing the wrong size bra and more importantly what to look out for in a correct fitting bra.

Features of the wrong size:

  • Breast being squeezed out of the cup creating a double bust effect.
  • Breast not fully contained within the underwire, resulting in wires digging into the breast tissue or breast dropping out under the wire.
  • Underband not sitting level at the front and back, riding up at the back.
  • Underwires standing away from the from the body
  • Shoulder straps digging in.
  • Unsupported breast drooping forward.

Features of the right size:

  • Underband firmly anchored around the body. Level at the front and back.
  • Breast fully contained with the underwire.
  • No puckering or overspill in the cup.
  • Underwires sit flat against the chest wall.
  • Breast well supported giving the best support.
  • Comfortable and supportive.

It may feel a little uncomfortable at first while you get used to a bra that actually fits but the health and appearance benefits by far outweigh this;

  • Uplifted breasts
  • An improved posture
  • Minimised back pain
  • A waist you never knew you had

The list goes on and because of all this you will exude confidence, as you will look better in your clothes and therefore feel better.

All this just from wearing the correct size bra, so what are you waiting for, get your L plates on and get to your nearest lingerie department!

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