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We’re showcasing the stories of women who went from living with limits, to living without them. Every month we’ll focus on a new and inspiring leader, each bound by confidence, empowerment and strength. This is the hub where you can get involved and learn more from this league of women who all embody what it means to #LiveLimitless. Welcome!










Instagram Stories Takeover: Wednesday 19th September

Meet the runner, outdoors lover, teacher, writer and speaker who’s reminding the world that fitness looks different on everyone. Known by the moniker of ‘Fatgirlrunning,’ Mirna Valerio spreads the #LiveLimitless message with every step she takes, story she writes and speech she gives.


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 Instagram Takeover: Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th August '18

Ilianna Ayala is an NYC-based dancer, makeup artist, body positivity warrior, style guru and powerhouse of inspiration for her online audience (there is nothing this woman can’t do!). She’s all about that #LiveLimitless life, and her empowering nature instantly shines through from her social platforms, to her from-the-heart-words, as well as her personal motto: “If you love it, do it. Nothing is impossible.” Hear, hear!


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Instagram Takeover: Friday 20th & Saturday 21st July '18

Ty Alexander-Williams of GorgeousInGrey.com is an author, blogger and self-care advocate. Her confidence and self-belief means she truly embodies the spirit of #LiveLimitless, with her work being a self-confessed "reflection of what life can be if you take risks and adopt a fearless personality." She’s a digital best friend to many, encouraging her followers to embrace exactly who they are, no matter where they might be on their journey.


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 Instagram Takeover: Friday 8th & Saturday 9th June '18

Elle Valera is an opera singer, curve model, and blogger who seizes possibilities, embraces positivity, and leads by example – encouraging others to live their best lives, their way. On and off the stage, she promotes acceptance, empowerment, and works to help redefine what it means to be a woman today.


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