Grounded x Elomi Competition

Elomi are super excited to be teaming up with the irresistible skincare brand Grounded to give our lovely fans the chance to win the perfect pamper pack to get Summer body confident, with a selection of skincare products and luscious lingerie. For a chance to be one of our three WINNERS visit our instagram account to enter, terms & conditions apply.


Grounded's guide to feeling great in your skin.

1) If its not broke don’t fix it – All too often we look in the mirror and try to find faults with our skin (usually with a 5x magnifying mirror). This results in picking, poking and prodding. But try not to do this and normally there isn’t anything wrong with your skin. Your skin is a well designed Organ meant for protecting your body, so treat it with care and love. Be gentle.

2) Exfoliate! – Skipping the exfoliation means more dry skin, more rough skin, blocked pores and flakiness. Never a good thing. So try to up your scrub time for a fresh and smooth feeling all week long. We recommend a coffee scrub as it also helps stimulate blood flow, improves circulation and eliminates waste and toxins. So not only do you look great but look amazing too!

3) Buy for your skin type – Always try and find the right product for your skin type to bring out the best of your skin. Nothing beats the feel of amazing skin. If you’re unsure about which product is right for you, brands (like us) normally have a skin quiz on their website where it will pinpoint you in the right direction. If not head to your nearest beauty counter for some advice.

4) Everyone has bad days – Don’t feel pressured into the illusion that your skin has to look flawless every single day. It doesn’t, we’re all human, we all have bad days. So the best thing to do is relax and accentuate the positives. How do you do this?

5) Give yourself compliments – Don’t rely on other people to boost your confidence, stand in front of the mirror and find 5 things that you love about your skin. You’ll soon be feeling great and full of confidence. Or, keep a photo album of all the times you think you’ve looked amazing to look though now and again.

6) Drink lots of Water and Eat right – Drink lots of water. Its worth the extra trips to the bathroom, trust us. This helps to plump up your skin, helps cells grow through healthier and will even make your eyes brighter and sparklier. Eat plenty of fruit, veg and nuts. The added nutrients will make your skin glow and radiate health. 


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