The Elomi Portrait Project




The Elomi Portrait Project integrates art, fashion, and data analysis to celebrate the substance, smarts and stories of fuller figured women, pairing influential female artists with pioneers in body positivity. Elomi partnered with five influential female artists - Zoe Buckman, Sam Cannon, Suma Jane Dark, Jordan Sondler, Camila Rosa to create one-of-a-kind portraits that give viewers deeper insight into women’s unique stories and perspectives. Featured in the portraits are five pioneers in the body positivity space: Nicolette Mason, Chastity Valentine, Essie Golden, Chanté Burkett, Kristine Thompson. IBM Watson was used to collect and analyze influencer online data including blog posts, news articles and interviews, analyzing text and spoken data to create an understanding of each woman’s prominent personality traits, intrinsic motivators, key values, and most commonly-expressed emotions. Each artist was then presented with a personal narrative about their assigned woman which integrated IBM Watson data analysis with high-touch human analysis to provide a more comprehensive view of the woman used to inspire their featured artwork.

Zoe-Buckman-x-Essie-Golden, Elomi Portrait Project, Artists, Influencers, Elomi Lingerie






Zoe Buckman’s mixed media installation incorporates water and light to portray Essie Golden, a body positivity advocate. The sculpture, glowing with neon light is the same height as Essie, shaped like an hourglass representing a warm inviting shape with an essence of Essie’s extroverted personality. The presence of water is a nod to the social event-turned-movement Essie is known for, the Golden Confidence Pool Party.

Suma-Jane-x-Nicolette-Mason, Elomi Portrait Project, Artists, Influencers, Elomi Lingerie






Illuminated by pink accent lights, writer and entrepreneur Nicollette Mason stands centrally holding an iPhone. Suma Jane Dark incorporates the colour blends to portray the dual feminine and punk aspects fading together with the outstretched iPhone collages. Prints overlaid, with glitter dusting brings texture and reinforce the theme of visibility, relative to Nicollettes recent clothing label launch and ever growing fanbase.






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Blossoming flowers first introduce artist Sam Cannon’s vision of digital influencer Chastity Valentine. Their movement portrays change—a common theme in go-getter Chastity’s life. Amid ongoing change, flowers remain visually beautiful, parallel to Chastity’s confidence under the pressures of being in the public eye. The following frames are a sequence of rippling silk sheets and kaleidoscopic flowers, signifying the idea of visual splendor and vulnerability coexisting in a single being.

Camila-Rose-x-Kristine-Thompson-1, Elomi Portrait Project, Artists, Influencers, Elomi Lingerie






Artists Camila Rosa teams warm tones and bright pinks to depict fashion blogger Kristine Thompson’s positive demeanour and evolution of transformation in her life. Kristine once transformed her perception of self from negative to positive, which Camilla equated to the cycle of rebirth, representing this through a border of flowers, full of life but also symbolising self-love and self-worth which she exudes, inspiring other to follow suit.

Jordan-Sondler-x-Chane-Burkett, Elomi Portrait Project, Artists, Influencers, Elomi Lingerie






Lifestyle blogger Chante Burkett is portrayed in in the whimsical pattern style that’s become a signature of artist Jordan Sondler. In digital illustration, Jordan employs an eclectic mixture of symbols to showcase aspects of Chante’s world resonating with her character and personality, each blending seamlessly into the larger motif.