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As part of the Wacoal Europe family, we understand larger cup sizes, unparalleled fit and the difference the right lingerie can make to the fuller figure. And that’s why we’re so fussy about how we make it. Elomi lingerie is designed for women like you who embrace your curves and make the most of what you have been blessed with. If you’re not happy, then neither are we.

The Perfect Fuller Figure Fit

You’re strong, confident and like to take care of your appearance. So fit is everything. Without it you can feel uncomfortable and insecure. Elomi lingerie is individually graded and tested on women with fuller figures so we can offer you unrivalled support that leaves you shimmering with confidence. All over.

So what’s our secret? Simply that every Elomi bra is carefully created around these key specialist features:

Restricted-stretch or padded straps increase comfort and support.

Leotard Back
Narrowly placed straps at the back eliminate slippage.

Hook & Eyes
Two rows in our smaller sizes and three rows in larger sizes provide even more support.

We use supportive and controlling fabrics, especially for wings.

Extra cushioning around the wire casings make our bras even more comfortable.

Seamless Quality
You deserve the best of everything. Which is why Elomi only use the finest fabric and lace. They’re then tested for comfort, strength and longevity ensuring you love your lingerie for as long as it lasts.

Extraordinary Style
Whether it’s style or shape, comfort or colour, Elomi designers know what fits. Each and every one of their designs tell a story inspired by the world’s leading fashion trends.

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